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Top 3 Reasons Why We LOVE Weddings on the Sunshine Coast, BC

Updated: Feb 2

There are few places more beautiful than our beloved BC coast. The evergreen forests, dreamy blue waters and the rocky coast line with its arbutus trees and amazing wildlife are just a few of the things that make our west coast so special. One of our favourite spots to visit is the super accessible and super tranquil Sunshine Coast BC. Just a quick ferry away from Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver. This little piece of paradise seriously has something for every type of wedding dreamy.

wedding hair and makeup elopement Sunshine Coast BC

Here are our TOP 3 reasons we love the Sunshine Coast for weddings:

# 1

It is literally the most perfect spot for a destination wedding! Invite your loved ones and guests to one of the most exquisite places on earth (haha, yes maybe we are a little biased), but it's true! Not only is it a more affordable option than going tropical, you can guaranteed your guests an incredible getaway with a million wonderful things to do. The Sunshine Coast has tons of hikes, beaches, cafes/restaurants and seasonal markets to explore and some really amazing venues like our fave West Coast Wilderness Lodge.

# 2

The people! People always talk about how small town people are SO sweet and that's totally true for the Sunshine Coast. Their creative, laid back and caring attitude will help to calm your wedding nerves and go above and beyond to ensure your wedding is everything you hoped for. Some of our favourite vendors call this paradise home, like Jen + Brian, Photo & Film and Weddings by Sasha who just opened her own shop in Sechelt called Wildflower & Twigs.

sunshine coast bc weddings elopement hair and makeup stylists

# 3

The variety! Amazingly, this little stretch of coast is incredibly dynamic, despite the fact it is little. You can drive from Langdale(where the ferry from Horseshoe Bay docks) to Egmont(almost the top before you must take another ferry to go on) in under 2hrs. Some parts like Bonniebrook Beach near the neighbouring the sweet & quaint Bonniebrook Lodge, could pass for a tropical island on a warm sunny day. Rockwater Secret Cove, half way up the coast offers the chance to sleep in modern tent houses perched on the rocky ocean shore and has a gorgeous green space overlooking the water making it a stunning location for a wedding. Continuing up the coast you can swim in the perfectly clear Ruby Lake and dine on decadent Italian at La Trattoria at the near by Ruby Lake Resort restaurant(also a wedding venue!!!)

If you are not convinced to consider the Sunshine Coast for your wedding or even just your next getaway, just refresh and read again!!!

All photos by the wildly talented Jen + Brian, Photo & Film,


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