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Pre Trial Prep - 5 Best Tips!

Updated: Feb 2

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Pre Trial Prep - 5 Best Tips!

Your bridal trial is the perfect time to test out your hair and makeup inspo. You can see how it all will come together for your wedding day and have a chance to connect with your styling team.

The trial is a great opportunity to iron out any kinks you dont love for your bridal makeup and hair. Fine tune colours and trouble shoot any potential challenges like how long the curls last or shine control.

Before your trial, we have a five key suggestions to ensure you have the most successful outcome!

Have your dress! 

Having your dress can help you get clear on your hair and makeup inspo. Is your dress off the shoulders or have a low back? This might influence wanting to wear your hair up or slightly pulled back to show off those details. Maybe your dress has lots of sparkle and you want to include a bit of sparkle in the makeup too.

Narrow down your inspo pics. 

We love that you are excited and have lots of ideas! However, to get the most clear translation of your vision, we suggest pairing down your pics to a few of your absolute faves.

Having a couple of pics for makeup and a couple for hair will allow your styling team to clearly interpret your ideas. Translating them to perfectly suit your personal colouring, style and features.

Wear something white or pretty to your trial!

Your wedding day hair and makeup is definitely more glam that any day to day styling. Wearing leggings or a super casual outfit can make it feel out of place. So if possible, we suggest wearing something white or a little more dressy to help make the whole look more cohesive. Remember the look is going to be pair with something fancy!

Bring along any accessories you plan to incorporate! 

While this point isn’t a must, it is another key part of helping bring the total vision to life. See how your earrings pair with your hair style, plan the perfect placement for your veil or choose complementary colours to make everything pop!

Speak Up! 

We always start your trial by going over each of your wedding hair and makeup pics and asking key questions. This helps us to ensure we are all on the same page with our interpretation from your inspo. This usually helps to start things on the right track but hair and makeup can be very personal.

If you see something you don’t like, please let us know. We never take it as offence, rather constructive critique so we can get the look exactly right for you on your big day.


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