Our Top Wedding Venues & Places to Visit on Galiano Island

As we finish up another incredible season on our beloved Galiano Island, we reflect on a few of our most favourite spots, some old and some new.

During our busy wedding season you can most often find us at the beautiful Bodega Ridge or Galiano Inn on-site with our brides! We love to travel for love and often make our own get away weekend around our weddings!

We always like to come up the day before our weddings to eliminate any travel stress for our clients (and ourselves!!). It’s also a great opportunity for us to explore and really get to know one of the most beautiful Gulf Islands!

Here are some of our most stand-out places to visit on the island:

Bowline Cafe

Located a skip and a jump from the ferry terminal, you can grab the tastiest cup of joe! This cafe is beautifully decorated and a cozy spot to grab some yummy lunch!

Local Fish Pop Up Market:

Grab some delicious local seafood just outside the Galiano corner store. The quality is amazing and the price is right and the couple who runs the stand is just the sweetest, you can really tell they take pride in their offerings! We love to get the sockeye salmon! Open every Friday.

Retreat Cove

The perfect spot to plan your first look photos! Such incredible views and stunning small sandstone caves carved out of the shoreline. They are also fairly easy to get to and not far from Bodega Ridge!

Pebble Beach

One of our favourite places to relax on Galiano Island. This beach is full of beautiful pebbles, you can find the most stunning stones to add to your collection! Its about a 15 minute hike through the jungle like forest to get down to the water and it is magical!

Dioniso Park

Countless beautiful views and hikes found here! You can walk the shoreline for miles. It also has one of the most stunning waterfront camp sites we have ever seen! Its only accessible by foot, kayak or bicycle so that makes it extra peaceful!

Galiano Inn and Spa Outdoor Patio

We love walking into this place, the lush green pathways, reminiscent of an old Spanish villas and the pretty gardens. It also have one of the cutest patios on the island, complete with hanging vines and water views. They also offer some of the tastiest wood fired pizzas! We like to grab a bite and a glass of Chardonnay after a long day of work!


Definitely make a reso! This place is crazy booked up and there is no doubt why! The food is fresh, local and delicious. The staff is charming and the ambiance is so romantic! Perfect date night!

There is so much to see and do on this beautiful Gulf Island and we are really looking forward to coming back for our 2019 brides!

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