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Updated: May 19, 2020

Save the Date Beauty is SO much more than just Kristy & Shaina. We are truly honoured to have such a talented, professional and genuine group of woman on our team! We take great pride in everyone who works with us. We seriously couldn't do it and wouldn't be as strong without them!

Today we would like to introduce you to our lovely duo Kristine and Harley! We asked them to share their personal stories in beauty with a fun little questionnaire:

How long have you been doing hair and makeup & what inspired you to be in the wedding industry?

Harley: have been doing Hair for 5 years now and makeup for about 2 and I really wanted to get into the wedding industry because I genuinely love weddings! I’ve been planning my own since I was twelve haha so getting to be apart of helping someone else feel beautiful for their special day sounded like a lot of fun!

Kristine: I have been doing both since late 2012, starting in LA I trained and worked within both the beauty and film industry. It wasn’t until a few years later I felt confident enough to do weddings and worked with a company in La as well as freelanced. Once I moved back to BC I found an AD posted by Save the Date Beauty looking for artists and almost 3 years later I couldn’t be happier:) What inspired me to get into the wedding industry is my engaged friends! They gave the the opportunity to get my foot in the door and as soon as I did my first trial for a friend I fell in love with the whole process. Getting to create the vision a bride has for themselves for one of the biggest days of their life, and helping them achieve what makes them feel like the best version of themselves is the most satisfying feeling. Plus the day of the wedding always has such a great buzz of energy, love and excitement. Simply love wedding season!

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Harley: Dependable, Caring and Outgoing

Kristine: Quirky, hungry and creative.

Describe your Save the Date Beauty partner in 3 words:

Harley: Compassionate, Generous and Fun!

Kristine: Bubbly, talented and reliable.

What do you love most about working with each other?

team members of Save the Date Bueaty

Harley: I love working with Kristine because she’s such a fun and genuine person. We get along quite well and always find a way to have some fun with our brides! She is also a great artist so I find myself learning new tricks from her all the time.

Kristine: It has just been so fun since day one together. Easy communication, collaborating about ideas and looks are always inspiring.

I love that we can just be ourselves. It’s never

work when I’m working with Harley!

What is your favourite bridal hair & makeup trend right now?

Harley: My favourite bridal trend right now is definitely how much hair accessories are making a comeback! I also love the glowy monotone makeups that I’ve been seeing!

Kristine: I’m really into the lit from within glow and flawless skin with a pop of colour. Whether it’s a rose gold or bright blue I think having a tiny unique stamp true to the bride and keeping the rest simplistic is my favourite. As for hair I am loving how texture is being played with. A simple half undo with a gorgeous hairpiece and beautiful textured waves yes please!

What is a must have for all your bridal looks?

Harley: My current must have for all of my bridal hairstyles would have to be texture in the hair! Whether it’s waves or twists or braids its definitely a go-to of mine!

Kristine: Skincare. Waterproof Mascara. Final Seal or Green Marble finishing spray. Lock that look down!

What is your favourite part of the wedding day?

Harley: My favourite part of the wedding day is definitely when we get to first see the bride in her dress! I love seeing how the whole look comes together in the end!

Kristine: Sounds strange but I love the early morning

of weddings when everyone’s still a little sleepy while we set up and get ready. It’s a good time to meet the bridal party and set the tone before we begin.

Describe your style & aesthetic of the looks you create for brides?

Harley: My style and aesthetic is very natural/simple because I want my brides to still look and feel like themselves but just a little elevated!

Kristine: I am a big fan of earthy boho wedding styles. But it always depends on what the brides style is for what we decide to create. I tend to draw a lot of inspiration on colour scheme from the location, time of day and wedding colours.

What is the silliest, weirdest or craziest thing that has happened to you on a wedding day?

Harley: I think the craziest thing that’s ever happened to us on a wedding day would probably be when our GPS didn’t know where the address was and we were driving around like crazy to find our brides location, and that’s not even that crazy!

Kristine: Gosh this was a hard one! I have been lucky to not have anything too crazy happen in all my years doing weddings. I would just say I have been in the midst of doing a bride or bridesmaids makeup while a full out family fight or drama is unfolding around us lol.

What is the best advice for your brides when choosing their hair & makeup looks?

Harley: My best piece of advice would be to stick with what you’re used to! If you aren’t somebody that wears a lot of makeup everyday, trying a dark smokey eye for your wedding might not be the way to go. If you hate the way your hair looks up, that feeling probably won’t go away on your wedding day! Don’t stress too much about what everyone else thinks and go with something that feels like yourself and we’ll be here to help look and feel your best for your special day.

Kristine: Know what makes you feel good but also be realistic! Make sure the styles you are interested in will compliment your hair texture or length of hair, skin tone etc. Mainly, just have fun with it! And bring a ton of inspiration pictures, we love that!

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