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How We Fell in love with Destination Weddings

Updated: Feb 2

wedding hair and makeup sunshine coast bc

Right from the beginning of our adventure with Save the Date Beauty we knew we wanted to make travelling a part of our business. We loved the idea of travelling for love and making destination weddings a part of our lives.

Along with our partners, we revered spending time outside of Vancouver and we all routinely spent a lot of time on the Sunshine Coast. Soon we were actively working on booking weddings up there. Those efforts created some super special friendships and really set off our Sunshine Coast chapter. As we continued to get to explore the Coast, other destinations started calling and we began regularly travelling to Galiano and Bowen islands and up to Squamish and Whistler.

We started dreaming beyond our incredible province and about all the tropical destinations calling our hearts! We were talking about it all the time. Searching destination wedding hashtags and thinking about all the places we could go. As it has been a long held love and also a pretty easy/affordable trip from Vancouver, we set out sights on Mexico. We started looking at which part of the wildly diverse and so so beautiful country to really focus in on. Maybe it was that crazy perfectly blue water or maybe it was the sweet flight deal we found but we had our answer, Playa del Carmen.

Right in the middle of the Riviera Maya strip, you had it all right in the heart of a Mexican city and still totally accessible to all the resorts that most destination brides seek out for their weddings. There's nothing like getting to visit a place again and again to have it start to feel like 'home.' In that way to say it becomes familiar, comfortable and special to you. You get to learn its nuances and treasures you could never know from hashtags, articles, reviews or even photos. You get to meet the people and learn from the ground up and that is seriously one of the best things about travelling for us.

This year our travels took us outside of Playa del Carmen a little more and we got to spend a few (albeit too quick) days in Tulum and got a little lay of the land from cursing the Cancun - Tulum highway for all our adventures. Straight off of coming home, we can't wait to go back. Back for more adventures and getting to know more of the Riviera Maya and back for the awesome and friendly connections we made in another piece of paradise.

Photos by the wonderfully talented Jen + Brian, Photo & Film


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