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Have the Best Hair & Makeup Trial

Updated: Feb 2

Not all brides feel the need to book a trial before their wedding day, but most do! Not only is it a great opportunity to meet your stylists and build rapport, it's super helpful to confirm your inspiration look is actually what you want and right for you. Here are a few of our best tips to have the most successful hair and makeup trial!

Inspo pics!

We know Pinterest or Instagram can sometimes be an overwhelming place for collecting inspo but these platforms make it easy to search for the looks you think you want. Searching tags like 'Hollywood waves' or 'low messy bun' can yield a bunch of pretty options to choose from. That being said, it's best to narrow down your inspo pics to a couple of your top faves. Usually we suggest 2 for hair and 2 for makeup. We also suggest you look for images of people who share similar colouring to ensure the look translates in the way you envision. For example, a dark smokey eye on someone with dark features will look way less intense than on someone with light features.

Speak Up!

We totally understand having your hair and makeup done can be a little intimidating. Especially if it's your first time or you are not used to wearing much makeup regularly.

We always encourage our clients to let us know if they do not like something or would prefer another colour, tone etc. So please speak up if you are not pleased with the direction. It is our top priority to get it right for you and this is much easier to achieve as we go along rather than at the end. It is also very common that little changes or tweaks are noticed after wearing the look for a while so we also encourage detailed feedback after the trial too!

Bring your accessories!

Planning to incorporate a few decorative hair pins or maybe a hair vine or veil? Bring them along to the trial. It is a great opportunity to see how the whole look comes together as well as test and plan for the best placement of your accessories.

Bring a friend, mama or sister!

If you are feeling nervous or indecisive, bringing along a trusted companion who knows you best can help ease your nerves and narrow down what you want for your styling. It can also be fun and another element of building rapport with your team too!

Wear something white or pretty! Having a professional and wedding glam hair and makeup styling paired with a casual outfit can feel out of place and may even make the look seem like it is too overdone. Wearing something white or a little more dressy can help to pull the whole vibe together.

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