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Find Your Perfect Hair & Makeup Wedding Stylists

Updated: Feb 2

hair and makeup artist sunshine coast bc weddings elopements

Choosing the right styling team for your wedding hair and makeup is just as important as choosing your photographer or wedding planner. You will be spending a large part of your wedding day with these people and you want to be sure you have the perfect fit. It is also awesome to have a company that offers both hair and makeup so you can be guaranteed mutual synergy and work ethic among your stylists.

Here is our list of the top things to consider when choosing the right hair and makeup company for you!


Nothing better than a personal recommendation from someone you know and trust. Someone who knows your taste and style well could be a great resource. Reach out to your married friends & family or friends who have recently been in a bridal party. Chances are if your BFF loved it, you will too.


A total perk of finding one vendor who you love is that they probably have other vendors they love! So pick their brain to see who they recommend, often people have their fave artists to work with and know are reliable, talented and awesome!


Obvious. yes! But its such a perfect way to quickly see or search the work, style and personality of different artists and find someone who really speaks to you! Look for the overall vibe, look and the amount of makeup and hair styling. Being able to relate to the looks and see yourself in them is a sign you may have found the right team.


Also obvious and a little more extensive than searching on Instagram, go to google for specific words to find the right fit. Are you looking for 'natural beauty' or a 'glamorous hollywood' bridal look? Most artists will use specific words to describe their aesthetic and searching these terms should bring them to the top of your results. You can also easily access reviews to get an idea of how other brides found their experience and find someone you relate to in that way.


Trust us, we don't like to admit it, but hair and makeup styling is not for everyone. Some brides prefer to do their own or have a close trusted friend or relative do their styling. We have to share this because we have been there!

If you are nervous about your wedding styling but want to try a professional application, come in for a trial first. It's a low commitment way to test out your dream look and make sure it is what you are envisioning. We always take the time to listen to our brides, talking though each aspect of the look to ensure we are giving you the perfect look for the wedding day. We encourage all brides to be clear, up front and honest with their feedback throughout the trial so that we can trouble shoot to achieve the desired outcome. Some brides need to sit with the look before being able to give their feedback and that's totally normal too. In that case, we strongly recommend following up shortly after the trial with the exact points you weren't totally pleased with so that you and your stylists can work towards perfecting the look for your wedding day!

We love to offer our brides a complementary consultation for their wedding day styling. It's a great opportunity to get a sense of one another and discuss all your details and any questions you have about your bridal look.

hair and makeup artist sunshine coast bc weddings elopements

To book your complementary consultation, please head over to our BOOK US page.



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