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Through the years of working in the Vancouver wedding industry, we have made so many incredible friends that we LOVE working with. So when Genéve, from Dreamgroup Weddings and Events, asked us to do the hair and makeup styling for their latest team shoot, it was an easy yes for us!

We knew it would be a great opportunity to catch up and chat about all the lovely weddings we shared over the past year. It was an extra bonus to hear Nomad by NK would be the photographers. We never pass up on an opportunity to shoot with the most talented best-friend duo Nat & Kerstin.

Our team loves to focus on highlighting our clients natural beauty for their special day. Our goal is always to make our clients feel beautiful but also like themselves. Dreamgroup is so intuitive with their clients needs, we wanted to give them all the same experience as their hair and makeup artists.

We are so thankful they are amazing at directing all the natural beauty bride lovers our way! It's always a perfect match!

Here is a look at our Save The Date Beauty styling on all the beautiful wedding planners of Dreamgroup:


For Genéve, we chose a subtle smokey cat eye. Using earthy matte eyeshadow tones with a deeper nude lip for a soft glam look that really could go from day to night! We volumized and pulled back her hair for a sleek half up-do! This look really showcased her fun and outgoing wedding planner vibes!


We did a simple and natural makeup look on Brynn, this is often an easy choice for most of our brides. We used natural warm tones on the eyes, bronzer and a nice highlight to give Brynn a beautiful glow! We paired her makeup with soft beachy waves for a stunning effortless look!


We kept Jessie's look very natural as well. We defined her beautiful brows, added a smoked out liner to only the top of her lids and paired it with a soft nude lip. For her hair styling, we went with simple waves that really gave a sophisticated look!


Chrissie is always extra prepared, she showed up photo ready! We loved her makeup and hair already, so we just finessed her look with our professional bridal styling touch!


We chose a bronzed makeup look for Olivia. We gave her a light smokey eye with lashes and effortless waves to match her easygoing energy and girl next door vibes!


We decided to give Alexa more of an elegant look. We used brown glowy shadows to create a dramatic smokey eye and added lashes for the perfect finishing touch! We volumized her hair and gave her very subtle old Hollywood style waves!


Bonnie loved the idea of a very natural classic bridal look. We chose to give her a defined winged out black liner only at the top of her lid with a half lash. We used minimal foundation mixed with moisturizer for a very natural glow. We added a simple classic wave with a side part to complete her styling.


We loved this soft glam bridal look on Jill. We chose an earthy smokey eye with a bigger lash to really bring her stunning eyes out. We added some highlighter to the foundation to give her a very subtle natural glow and of course added bronzer and a nude lip.


For Sandy we chose a nice glowy natural look. We did a simple eye look and more of a deeper nude pop on her beautiful lips. We gave her some soft and polished waves for a super modern style.


We gave Sydney a soft smokey eye with hints of apricot. We added bronzer and highlighter to give her a gorgeous soft glam bridal look. We paired this look with some simple waves and a side part for a super classic vibe.


Cayenne's look was right on trend, matte makeup, minimal foundation/concealer and a natural glow. We matched her hair with a sleek pony that gave her a super modern, yet timeless look!

We are beyond excited to be working with all our Dreamgroup friends this 2024 wedding season! We can not wait to meet all our mutual brides and help beautify them like we did this dream team!

Check out their work HERE!


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